Dayata - a picture for meditation

Meditation technology with 108 inspiring paintings for managing the mental state of a person.


painting for the spiritual development of a person. Dayatas are intended for those who dream of a harmonious perception of themselves and a deeper understanding of other people. For those seeking to develop their Spirit and Mind.

Pictures for meditation

People receive more than 80% of information through the visual channel of perception. Color and graphic forms on Dayatas stimulate both hemispheres of the brain. The left one is responsible for logic and the right one is for empathy, creativity, intuition. The first stage of practice is the acquisition of vital and creative energy, increasing efficiency and activity.

Effects of Meditation with Dayatas

Dayatas work in different ways depending on the meditation technique and the practitioner's experience.
Give strength to implement your plans.
Show hidden abilities
You can do more than you do. Contemplation of Dayata will reveal hidden possibilities.
Help to look at the world around us in a new way
The world is not the same as we used to see it. Dayatas will show the versatility of consciousness and teach you how to manage it.
Meditation with Dayats for:
those who are ready to try new things and devote at least 10 minutes a day for the development of their Consciousness.
For those who dream of a harmonious perception of themselves and a deeper understanding of other people. Who needs more inspiration in their work.
For those who do not have enough energy to overcome their own inertia. Who wants to develop their creativity, performance, eliminate stress.
For those who seek to develop their Spirit and Mind. Who wants to know the hidden sides of the surrounding World and their consciousness.
Reviews about Dayatas
Alla Saitgalina
I meditated several times, 20 minutes each. Interesting effects with changing colors and movement of individual fragments. It is difficult to control thoughts. I study. Dayata inspires!
Eugene Bombela
Got a new experience of meditation with dayats. It was a discovery and an exciting journey to my inner self for me. Thanks for the experience!
Lena Lavreniuk
Even after 10 minutes of meditation, it turned out to be inspired to the fullest. I strongly advise you to try and feel these feelings for yourself, tk. It is difficult to convey in words what unusual and new emotions you experience when meditating with dayatas.
Maxim Bogovik
Giving meditation is just something! I have never had such an interesting experience. Difficult, difficult, but how interesting! Thank you for your care and feedback, it helps a lot in its development.
Yulia Tyshynska
An interesting feeling of meditation. Good subject, easier to focus when there is an object or drawing. And then there are such cool colors and symbols! I relaxed, I enjoyed it. I advise you to try it, it really comes in.
Olga Sagdeeva
Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get better. It looks like a workout, only mind. As at the beginning of any changes, it is difficult. As you repeat it, it becomes easier and clearer. This is exactly what I needed at this point in time.

You can get Dayata in 3 sizes

How to choose Dayata?

Choose the painting you like the most. It will strengthen and develop your positive qualities.
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Information about mantras is taken from the book:
Gromov S.N. Dayatas. (Yogic pictures). Practical guide., 2009.
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